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Life is anything but expected.

That’s why we’re here. Colonial Life provides benefits that your employees want for the unexpected moments in life. Whether planning for retirement, growing their families, or saving for college, they know an injury or illness won’t derail their dreams.
All at little to no cost to your business.



I'm Wil Edgar. After living abroad and teaching English for 20 years, I have recently made the decision to return to the United States, settling in beautiful Cedar City. Taking advantage of this huge change, I decided to make a change in profession as well. I was looking for something that would make a difference in people's lives, and Colonial Life does just that. So I opened my own business to offer their services.  

The voluntary benefits offered by Colonial Life help provide stability and peace of mind, by protecting your employees should something unexpected come along to derail their plans.

Backed by a team of professionals, I hope to help protect the families, finances and futures of the employees in small businesses in the Cedar City area. 

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